At Vaughan Engineering we have utilised Computer Aided Design for over 20 Years. We operate the latest software and technology to ensure we continue to be at the forefront of our industry.

We utilise these facilities to ensure the pre- construction stage of our projects is used productively to ensure the transition from pre-construction to the construction stage is seamless. We find that when correctly employed, this investment in time effectively reduces time on site, allows us to prefabricate components, and also allows for spatial or engineering issues to be overcome long before the installation begins.

Our in-house BIM Department have a wealth of experience & professional qualifications in designing the most heavily serviced & complex engineering projects.

As we recognise that this stage is critical to what we do we invest in our people. Training is provided on a constant basis, enabling our team to stay up to date with the latest technology available. We also train new team members joining us from outside this industry. Due to the experience of our wider team it allows us to facilitate training from first principals. Our BIM staff spend time in our engineering department to gain the technical understandings of the systems that we construct and how these are installed, integrated into the building fabric, commissioned and maintained.

We also understand that our buildings will be in operation long after we complete the project. Much of the consideration that goes into our co-ordination is for future maintenance. We lay the system out to ensure this is as straight forward as possible for our clients and their future maintenance providers.

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