Vaughan Engineering provides a range of mechanical and electrical building services utilising the specialist in house skills necessary to develop solutions that meet the sophisticated requirements of our customers.

Our primary objective is Quality. We understand that for our client continuity of services is their key goal. Their buildings need to serve the purpose for which they are required at all times. On this basis we will ensure that the quality of our installation allows the client to have a building that will stand the test of time.

Some of the ways in which we do this are

  • Liaising with clients from the outset to understand their requirements, the purpose of the building, and how the systems will be utilised by the end users.
  • Ensuring the products installed are of the best quality.
  • Ensuring future maintenance is considered at all times and that the correct facilities are installed to minimise or mitigate down-time during the completion of this maintenance.

Each project is assigned a dedicated management team. This provides clear and concise lines of open communication for our clients, and ensures that all of the items above are communicated to our site team and supply chain.

Over the last 64 years we have developed strong relationships with the supply chain in our region. These relationships ready us to select the correct specialists, systems and products to fulfil the requirements of each unique project. They also allow us to innovate with the latest emerging technologies in the industry to benefit our clients and assure that their project and technology is at the leading edge.

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