RVH Maternity Hospital, Belfast

The new maternity hospital is being built adjacent to the existing unit. The new Midwife led unit will have en-suite rooms, each with birthing pools. There will be delivery suits, obstetrics theatres and neonatal intensive care. Our client is Graham Bam Healthcare Partnership. As a company we have spent the last year pre-engineering is project. This is a complicated project due to the levels of resilience required by the client. We made a site start in November 2018 and works are progressing well. We have been working closely with the client to ensure any works carried out make provision for future infrastructure upgrades to the site. We have also been asked by the client to assist with infrastructure upgrades at other parts of the site to allow the next phases of re-development to continue to be prepared for. The process for sign off developed by our team, GMBHP and the design team has been very successful in giving everyone an insight to each product and system to be installed. Each system/product is reviewing in a workshop prior to technical submittals being issued. During these workshops, a manufacturer’s technical representative is present to review the system with all parties involved giving everyone a good understanding of the systems and therefore it is speeding up the approval process.

Project Details

Graham Bam Health Partnership

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